Running to Stand Still?

Are you so good looking after everyone else that you don’t look after yourself?

There’s a saying that goes ‘invest in your health now or pay dearly for it later’ and it is so true. So, is this the year to redress the balance in your life and invest in your own wellbeing?

What if this year you chose to take as much care over your own health as you do of others’ health; switched off the TV for an hour a week and did something for yourself; swapped that new ‘thing’ you were thinking of buying with the treat of giving yourself some space to be you.

If you are like most people these days and are running to stand still chances are you have one or more of these habits:

  1. You put yourself last/ put others’ needs before your own. On one level there is nothing wrong with that as we want to be loving and caring towards our family. But as parents or grandparents we can have many demands on our time: spouse/ partner; children; parents; and then there are the other demands on out time such as employer; friends; and even pets. Effectively you are giving of yourself with every connection and encounter you have. Do you take time to recharge or do you fall into bed – all tired out– at the end of the day?
  • You are busy doing, doing, doing. Between work, school, activity clubs, walking the dog, cooking dinner, cleaning up – there’s nothing left and you don’t have the time to think about caring for yourself, let alone fit it in..
  • Putting other ‘things’ above your health. You can have all the possessions you desire but if you do not have good health then you may be considered poor. We’ve got used to having ‘things’ in our lives and let’s face it they do make life a bit more comfortable but this year include some ‘space’ on your must have list. Much kinder to yourself and the environment.

One of the ways you can slow down, relax and relieve stress is to have a massage as part of your health and wellness routine. Massage is proven to relieve stress and muscle tension, enhance circulation and improve sleep, mood and behaviour – and when you feel better it will have a positive impact not only on the special people in your life but on all other aspects of your life.

Contact me today on 07761 004022 or private message me on my FB page New Reality Health to discuss how massage could benefit you.

Photo by Jacob Townsend on Unsplash

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