Be Your Own Valentine

At this time of year when we (or the retail season!) turn our thoughts to all things hearts and love, spare a minute or two for you. We find it easy to lavish love on others (partner, children, parents, friends, grandchildren, neighbours, pets…) or we may be looking for love from those same sources but how often do you show yourself some love? When we learn to treat ourselves with love, kindness and respect we are better able to give and receive from others. Here are the top 5 tips to showing yourself some love:

  1. Encourage yourself. If we take a moment to listen to how we speak (or think) about ourselves we’d probably be shocked. We’d certainly be alarmed if we heard those thoughts being spoken aloud to, or about others, so why do we believe it is acceptable to put ourselves down?  Every day give yourself some encouragement – you are an amazing and precious being.  
  2. Appreciate yourself. Cut yourself some slack. With life being so busy and most of us juggling what feels like 101 things, we often don’t stop to appreciate all that we are and all we are accomplishing. You are a loving friend, neighbour, son, daughter, parent, pet parent [insert other options here!] and others enjoy having you in their lives, so start to appreciate yourself too…
  3. Believe in yourself. If you’ve always wanted to start that new hobby, change jobs, or learn a new skill then think about what is stopping you. To get where you are today you have resilience and resourcefulness – use those skills and plan in some time to do something towards your life goals / dreams list.
  4. Give yourself permission to take time out and rest. If your to-do list doesn’t have some ‘me time’ on it then you are missing a key ingredient to having a happier and more loving life. Be kind to yourself- read, watch a movie, go to the gym, have a massage [well of course!), whatever floats your boat but do something that nurtures and refreshes you.
  5. Learn to love yourself. Can you look yourself in the mirror and tell your reflection ‘I love you’? If you struggle to do this, then ask yourself why. Do you feel unworthy of love? Are you judging yourself harshly? If you really cannot start with ‘I love you’ then tell your reflection all the things you appreciate about yourself. Pick three things every day and tell your reflection. You’ll soon realise how amazing you are!

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