What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is one of the most popular styles of massage and can also be known as a relaxing or holistic massage. During the massage various strokes and pressures are utilised, ranging from very light to deeper more vigorous pressure and is completely tailored to the needs and personal preference of the client.

It is often offered as a full body massage incorporating the back, legs & feet, arms & hands, upper chest and neck however it can be offered as a shorter therapy, for example, concentrating on the back, shoulders and neck. If you have the time, a full body massage provides an extremely therapeutic and relaxing treatment which can last between an hour and an hour and a half depending on the time you have to indulge!

On a simple physiological level the massage therapist is manipulating the tissues beneath the skin at various depths to stimulate blood and lymph flow within the muscles and surrounding area. The overall benefit to the body is increased blood flow to the muscles delivering oxygen and removing toxins thus helping to detox the body, supporting it to work more efficiently and the release of tension from the muscles being manipulated.  

On a psychological level, the relaxation affect stimulates the release of ‘happy hormones’ and decreases the stress hormones, allowing the body to come into a rest and relaxation state, further reducing tension in the body and encouraging it to heal from the inside out. When the body is in the rest and relax phase it works more efficiently, allowing essential bodily processes such as digestion, longer slower breathing and processing of emotions, to name a few.

What should I expect during a Swedish Massage?

Your massage therapist will take 10 / 15 minutes to complete a thorough consultation with you to ascertain a short medical history in order to provide you with a safe treatment. This enables you and your therapist to discuss your requirements and agree the best massage treatment for you to ensure maximum benefit and enjoyment for you.

Once a treatment plan has been agreed you will usually undress down to your underpants (for a full body massage) while your therapist maintains your modesty at all times – i.e. you will not be standing there buck naked in front of your therapist! During the massage only the body areas being worked on will be uncovered and you will be kept warm at all times.

Following the massage your therapist will give you some homecare advice which may include a simple exercise to extend the benefit of your massage.

Tips to get the best out of your massage treatment

Discuss your pressure preference with your massage therapist and feel free to ask them to adjust the pressure at any time during the massage. It is your massage and you get to say what you like and don’t like and your therapist will be happy to make any adjustments to make it an enjoyable experience for you.

If there are areas you would prefer not to be massaged please mention it. For example if you have really ticklish legs or knees then you can ask your therapist to avoid those areas.

A massage is a safe therapy* for most people of any age, especially a Swedish massage which includes a range of pressures and strokes making it suitable for helping to ease the symptoms of headaches, muscle tension, releasing stress, lower back discomfort, fibromyalgia etc. You can always discuss your requirements with your massage therapist prior to booking a treatment to put your mind at rest.  

To discuss your requirements or arrange an appointment you can call or text 07761 004022, contact me through http://www.facebook.com/newrealityhealth or use the online contact form https://newrealityhealth.com/contact/

*Some health conditions and recent operations will affect whether you can have a massage, or if it may have to be limited to avoid certain areas of the body. Do feel free to speak to your therapist about this when booking to take advice. In certain situations a Doctor’s note may be required to ensure a massage is right for you at this time.  

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