Could Health Become Your New Reality?

A number of weeks back I made a decision to not comment on the current crisis, because let’s face it we’ve been bombarded with information since this started, but I’ve had something bubbling for a few weeks now and I feel the need to express it… But first I want to address the question some of you may have been wondering – why is a massage business called New Reality Health?

Well for me Health is not just about massage. Massage is a small part of the picture (yes I did just say that) and I do believe 100% that massage can play an important role in helping to achieve and maintain health but there is sooo much more to becoming and staying healthy.

So, very briefly, here are a few of the driving forces behind New Reality Health and what it stands for: promoting wholeness and coherence of mind, body, soul, energy & emotions; Raising vibration & frequency; helping to transmute damaging unprocessed emotions; learning to love yourself, love others & love our planet and living in community.

The other side of that is what New Reality Health stands against (again very briefly): Believing that illness is inevitable;  believing that illness is unchangeable; that age automatically brings illness; having to accept a negative health prognosis; repression of own needs; and disempowerment. There are more and maybe I’ll go into detail about each of those in the future but for now that brings me nicely to what has been bubbling up inside – responsibility for our own health.

Now let me just say here that I wholeheartedly advocate you follow the Government and NHS advice and guidelines during this crisis. Btw, if you’ve been gaming this whole time and just looked up to notice we are in lockdown or if by some chance you need reminding you can find out here what those guidelines are.

So, back to responsibility. During this time, on the whole, we have started to take some responsibility for staying well by following the guidelines and washing our hands (got to say here but that shouldn’t have been news to people), being aware of what we do before we touch our face etc. to reduce the burden on the NHS if this virus gets totally out of control.

My question is, if there was something you could do to reduce the burden on the NHS in general, would you do it? I’m going to be a bit controversial here but I believe that our health is our responsibility.

Please don’t misunderstand here – I totally appreciate the NHS for everything they do. I have family and friends who work for the NHS in varying roles and I believe they do an amazing job, we are totally blessed to have a National Health Service and it’s sad to realise that it’s only just during this crisis that they are being fully appreciated.

Anyway, what if you could ease the pressure on the NHS just by being well? Isn’t that just a crazy idea?

Stress is an underlying factor of chronic illnesses which take up the majority of the NHS’s time. I’m not just talking about the stress of not finding any toilet rolls in the supermarket (or anywhere else for that matter!), I’m talking about traumatic stress that has been trapped in the body for a while, possibly years. 

Now you may be thinking, ‘I’m not stressed’ but if you have a chronic health condition, the chances are your body is storing stress of some kind which is manifesting as an illness.

I have mentioned this before but you are amazing, totally amazing, and our bodies have the power to heal – under the right conditions. And that is where the problems start as most of us don’t look after ourselves to provide the ‘right’ conditions to enable us to thrive.

So I just want to throw it out there – are you willing to make some changes to allow your body to self-heal and thrive?

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